Our Clients

Lamar Renovation Ltd are working comfortably with individuals as well as with organizations who own one property or money. Take a look at Lamar Renovation Ltd clients page to see who is Lamar Renovation Ltd has recently work with.

The builders that came to my house were very proffesional keeping mess to a minimal, that includes during the progress of their work while renovating my bathroom and kitchen and after the work was finished.
Zara Kameel
I asked Lamar to build me an extension into my garden, they made everything very simple from start to finish and did not drag out the project longer than the predicted time frame given in the quotation.
Chris Woodbridge
Home Owner
Communicating was very easy and simple with the projet manager this made everything very easy as it reduced the stress that comes with having builders over. It was a pleasent experience compared to previous jobs ive had.
Mustafa Qureshi
Home Owner
I had some issues with my water as it had cut out and i was left without water, i am very gratefuul at how fast their response rate was, this allowed me to get back to my normal life very quickly and easily.
Joorie hamed
Home Owner
My house used to look very old and the energy from the decoration was very draining when i first moved in, so i needed help the team was amazing, helped me plan the new look and better yet built it to match the plan.
Zahed Kamal
Home Owner
For once i do not feel like i have been cheated by builders. Generally you call builders knowing a small project will grow unnecessarily take ages and keep sucking your money, i really appreciate this wasnt the case this time.
Liang gao
Home Owner

Commercial clients

Didnt have to close my restaurant for very long, it was up and running in no time as i had to renew my whole kitchen. Will definitely be calling them again to redecorate the lounge area.
Mohamed Hassan
Restaurant owner
They get the job right first time, it just means i get less complains from tenants making things run so much more smoothly and easily. Very good reliable team to work with.
Ray Smith
I recently had to redecorate my salon needed it to look more luxurious and premium the least i can say with the little information and guidelines i gave them to follow they definitely met and exceeded my expectations.
Sussane Wenke
Hair dressser
I have inquired and used their service and there is nothing i can say but AMAZING!!!!!!. Both my store front and interior have been perfectly refurbished, and also made it more appeasing to the eye. Defintely would recommend 10/10
Oluwamika Osa Bomba
i cant lie these guys refurbished and cleaned up my property for my gym now it just looks crazy. its revolutionary, trust me guys they wont fail you. my gym now is the best looking one around.
Subin Ghale
These guys were recommended to me by a friend a year ago, I haven't stopped requesting their services. I have had them work on multiple properties, and they have always delivered on time, and to a great standard.
Omar Ahmed


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