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Examples of projects


Extend your property into any extra free space you have, transofrm it into the place youve always needed.


Change your bathroom with us from what it is to what youve always wanted it to be within a few short weeks.


Wehter its underfloor heating, wall or roof insulation we will work to keep you warm and cosy at home letting you relax in these cold winters.

Example of commercial projects

Restaurnat renovation

Renovating your kitchen, allowing you more space and a premium quality kitchen to provide and cook the best quality food for your customers.

Landlord contract

Youre a landlord with properties let us write a contract that allows us to work together. Renovating your property making it outstanding before handing the keys over to your tenants, and still helping you mantain the property.


Business value relies highly on the aesthetics of property, for this project we ensured that this salon was extremely attractive representing the quality of service the business owner was providing.


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